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Can we let you in on a little secret? Each day, driving from one place to the next, there are 1000’s of your potential customers who are looking for you and don’t know how to find you or how to engage with you. They are looking at messaging on their phones, computers, throughout different mediums, and possibly finding someone else because you don’t exist. Yet.

Get your face in front of their face, NOW! We don’t sell stuff…. widgets, services, things. We are in the market of selling ATTENTION, and attention is what makes a customer turn and wink… Wink, Wink. Yes, sexy is good when you are the thing that customer wants to devour.

What we are not:

Your one size fits all Public Relations Firm.

We do not cater to large companies who just want to throw cash at a project and see what sticks. We will take your cash, and develop a strategic plan that will blow your competition out of the water, then implement relevant tactics to bring you exactly what you were looking for: growth.

We do not support people without vision who want someone else to grow their shit.

What we are:

A cooperative of hustlers, disruptive by nature, who want you to find those people who are looking for you.

We support people who’s MO is Hustle, Baby!

We will dish it back to you, refining to the very finest, what it is you want, then creating something that is really sticky.

Join the hustler’s revolution.

Media Relations

Get on the news- local, regional and national placement

Media Writing, including press releases, media alerts, PSA’s and more

Distribution lists and market research

Introductions to relevant media who are specifically interested in what you have to offer

Content Generation

Blogs, articles, news articles, etc.

Search Engine Optimization meta tags and implementation

Creative campaign development, including entire digital campaigns that include tweets, graphics and other posts to drive traffic to your site and your shop

Digital Marketing

Digital presence audit

Strategic planning and customer segment identification

UX services including website, social media and blogging

Sales Support

Lead generation campaign creation including mapping, programming and implementing

Creative campaigning so you can get an appointment with whoever you want

Core promotion strategy training and dedicated accountability mastermind group


Dashboard built into your service line so you will never question ROI with your campaign

Analytics, statistics, and measurements so you know what is happening with your campaigns from ideation to implementation to realization of results

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