“The City Launch is a leading public relations firm that provides kick-ass hybrid public relations services including writing, research, strategic planning and reporting to small to medium-sized businesses in Utah and surrounding states. Since 2012, they have consistently delivered high quality strategic public relations to companies beginning with research and ending with unparalleled reporting processes.

Our unique hybrid public relations system give us the flexibility to completely serve the needs of a variety of clientele as a partner in business development and stable growth and as a trusted partner throughout the community.

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Hybrid Public Relations- Hustling for Your Success0

Value Statement: Our Contribution to You

We value education and execute new techniques; Come to us for ‘cutting edge’ execution.

We provide the highest quality public relations services and disruptive reporting practices.

We delight our clients, constantly staying fresh and inspirational.

We support the dreams of our team.

We deeply value uniqueness and build irresistibility into every system.

We value vision, innovation, and persistence.

We support our local community through outreach and education.

We practice stewardship of the environment making decisions that will positively impact generations to come.